The Design for America contest is challenging the community to come up with information visualizations of some available government data.

The first 3 challenges (in the “Data Visualization” category) might make good final projects. (info on that coming soon)

Here is a tool In the spirit of colorbrewer, but for your iPhone. Beautifully done.

Class Feedback

March 18, 2010

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As a reminder, part of your assignment was anonymous feedback on the class so far.

If you haven’t given this to me, you can email it to me and I’ll print it out in a batch with the others. If you’re not comfortable with that, you can leave it in my (Michael Correll’s) mailbox on the 5th floor of CS.

Here is the write-up for Team He, Khan, Kishor, and Young.
There is an addendum on the way.

Team of Jeremy, Leslie, and Adrian

you can find our final write up here:

The visualizations can be found here:

Group: Chris Hinrichs, Nate Vack, Danielle Albers

The attached document describes the final results for our Epistemic Visualization Challenge. The Uncertainty Matrix can be found at The Heat Map Vector Viewer can be found at and the Circle Segments Viewer can be found at


This is our final written report for the design challenge. Hope this is the right way to upload files.

– Team members: Chaman Singh Verma, Nak ho Kim, Emma Turetsky

Design Challenge Writeup(PDF File)

Executable files for the cylindrical view module (includes SimpleViewer)

The final report for our project can be found here:

The complete source code can be found here:

Instructions for compiling are included in the zip file.

A 32-bit Windows XP binary can be found here.  A quick note, because everything is statically linked, you don’t need the Qt libraries installed to run the exe, but it’s a little large.

This is a collection of some nice tutorials on topics related to photography. Some of the concepts related to color in photographs are explained with visual illustration. These can be very helpful for understanding color for our purposes as well.

An unusual visualization of seasons in color: