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These seem like great additions to anyone’s library.

Programming the Semantic Web

Beautiful Data: The Stories Behind Elegant Data Solutions

More at the author’s blog at

A classy way to see where $3.7 trillion is going to go, and how it’ll be different from this year.

Snowboarding Video

February 1, 2010

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The New York Times, a great source of well-done visualizations, has made a video explaining how the half-pipe works. Within the video, there is a combination of 2D and 3D visualizations that try to help explain what is going on. It is interesting to see how they seamlessly move between video, 3D animation, and 2D visualizations – and to think about why the choose the different styles to make different points.

Visualization resources

January 23, 2010

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Just found this huge list (of lists) on  nice data visualizations. I think some browsing around those resources could be quite helpful to get some ideas on the ‘design’ side of the triangle spectrum.

Also, this blog delivers a lot of issues and information on information visualisation.

The visualization result can dynamically change, when clicking the different parts of the graph.

Christoph Niemann

January 21, 2010

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Here is a set of “visualizations” to make you think a little bit about what a visualization is (or can be).

Christoph Niemann is an illustrator who has a semi-regular column/blog in the New York Times. Some of his work is really funny. All of it is clever. Have a look at some of his work – there are links to his posts on the sidebar of any of the NY times pages.

In the comments, give your thoughts on his work. In particular, what ideas about visualization might we learn from it?

Nieman's Muffin

Cool Stuff

January 21, 2010

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From time to time, you probably come across some cool visualization stuff out in the world. Let’s share it and discuss it!

If you find something, create a posting in the category “Cool Stuff”. We’ll approve posts in this category slowly (not to overwhelm people) – maybe release 1-2 a day.

Please contribute (both by posting things, as well as by commenting on what’s there). Rather than making a certain amount of postings/comments a class requirement, for now I’d like to just ask that people contribute and see how it works out.

I will seed this by putting something up now. (Puneet has sent me a few good candidates, but I’ll let him post those).

By the way – to see the cool stuff category, click “Cool Stuff” in either the navbar (top of screen) or on the side bar.

Update: 1/21/2010 – I have a different idea for this.

This “Category” of posts is for the “Visualization of the Day” – or “Visualization Show and Tell”.

The idea is that people can contribute a Visualization that they have found that they think is interesting, and that we all can all discuss it via the comments. Kindof like Show-and-Tell in Kindergarden!

Rather than being a free-for-all, we’ll all take turns contributing “Visualization of the Day”s. Your day will be assigned. When you publish the post, make sure that it gets put into the “Visualization of the Day” Category. Also, note that you should write your “Visualization of the Day” ahead of time – when we approve the posting, we’ll set it so that it appears on the right day.

Remember, as a student in the class, you can create posts, but they must be “approved” by the instructor or TA. (in WordPress speak, you are a contributor – except that we have added functionality to WordPress to allow you to upload images).