Syllabus (post-hoc)

This is a list of what we did in class, created after the semester was over.

Jan 18-22 Welcome First Paper (reading) (lect) (page)
Jan 25-29 Overview (reading) (page) Visualization Research (assign) (page)
Feb 1-5 Why Visualization (reading) (page) Thinking Differently (reading) (page)
Feb 8-12 Evaluation (reading) Design Critiques
Feb 15-19 Design Critiques Design Challenge
Feb 22-26 Perception 101 (reading) (lect) More Perception
March 1-5 Layout (reading) (lect) Design Challenge
March 8-12 Color 1 (reading) (lect) Visual Comparison (lect)
March 15-19 Color 2 (reading) (lect) Design Challenge, Visual Comparison
March 22-26 Bivariate Mappings (reading)
March 29-Apr 2 Spring Break
April 5-9 3D Perception (reading) Project Discussions
April 12-16 Animation (reading)
April 19-23 Traditional Visualization Scientific Visualization (Volumes, Flows)
April 26-30 Scientific Visualization (Volumes, Flows) Molecules and Perception
May 3-7 Molecular Motion, Evals Presentations, Wrap-Up