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Final Grades

May 14, 2010

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I had to do the final grades in a hurry. Information about how we did them is available here.

We will give you more feedback (for example on the projects) next week.

I want to thank everyone for taking part in this class. It was an interesting adventure for me. I hope you had a good experience as well.


Instructions for the final project handins are here.

The project description has been here.

Everything is due before the beginning of the presentation session. Leave yourself some time for getting the files delivered.

Final Presentations

May 3, 2010

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The winner (with all but 3 people being able to make it) is Thursday, May 13th, 10am-noon. I have reserved room 4310 for the presentations (if you haven’t been to 4310, it can be tricky to find). It’s much nicer than 1207.

The three people who could not make this time slot will get other arrangements. At least one (probably two) will give presentations on Thursday, May 6th.

Details on what you need to turn in will be discussed in class, and explained here soon.

We’ve made it to the end – 2 last lectures. Make sure you’ve noted your availability for final demos on the doodle poll.

  • Tuesday (May 4) – We’ll talk about some of the projects I am doing (probably molecular motion illustration) as a way of reviewing some of the things we went through this semester. We’ll also talk about the pragmatics of final projects. We’ll also do the official course evaluations. So please come to class to do those (they really do matter).
  • Thursday (May 6) – Final projects are officially due (we’ll talk about unofficial late deadlines on Tuesday in class). We’ll do the first of the project presentations (for people who prefer to do it at this time, rather than during the exam week time slot). And in the time left, we’ll summarize what we’ve done over the course of the semester.

There will be no reading assignments for this week, but you are expected to be reading for your projects. Details about how the projects will be turned in, and what’s expected will be posted soon.

Final Project Presentations

April 29, 2010

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Each project team will need to do a 10 minute presentation.

We could do this the last day of class (and run late), or we could do it some time during exam week.

If you don’t want to do it during exam week, you can do it the last day of class.

I have set up a doodle poll. Please specify your availability. Only check the last day of class if you prefer to do things then. Otherwise, select all of the times that you can make a presentation session the following week.

Please fill out the doodle poll ASAP.

First, a reminder that status reports for your final project are due on both the 23rd and 30th (both Fridays). It’s better to send it late than never. For a reminder on what’s expected, see the project description page.

Again, this week we’ll let people focus on readings for their project. Expect to be asked to talk about something you’ve read – its good practice to be able to explain a paper quickly.

In lecture, we’ll continue to talk about “traditional” scientific visualization.

This week in 838, we’ll let people stay focused on their projects. There will be no required readings, but people will be asked to talk in class about something they’ve read (we’ll pick people randomly – so be prepared to talk for 3-5 minutes about something you’ve read for your project!)

We’ll also talk about some of the more traditional forms of visualizations, starting with volumes.

Animation Reading Posted

April 12, 2010

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Again, just linked to keep the news page clean.

Projects Update

April 11, 2010

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Maybe I wasn’t clear enough on Thursday that I wanted everyone to give me their project idea by Friday, but only a few people have.

So, for Tuesday, we’ll use the class time for me to meet with people to discuss the projects and help you get started. If this were better planned, we could have picked times so not everyone had to come for the whole time. But, if everyone comes, we can talk a little bit about administration at the beginning, and people who might want to join groups can talk to each other.

I will update the project page that has the deadlines and give some more instructions about what to do for your “plan” soon.