(see also the Basic Info page for class policies)

Class meetings are scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:00-12:15 in room 1240 Computer Sciences. Students are responsible for the materials in lectures.

Each week there will be some for of assignment or project milestone, due on Wednesday.

Each week there will be a list of readings, from the web and/or online course reader.

The specific topics and assignments may be shifted around.

Week 1
Sep 1-5
Welcome and Co-Ordinate Systems
Readings 1: General graphics things, Coordinate Systems, SVG
Week 2
Sep 8-12
Linear Algebra and Transformations in 2D, Drawing in 2D
Readings 2: Linear Algebra and Transformations
Assignment 0: Kick the Tires, Assignment 1: SVG Signs of Life
Week 3
Sep 15-19
Linear Algebra and Transformations in 3D
Readings 3: Transformations in 3D
Assignment 2: SVG transformations
Lecture Audio: Thursday
Week 4
Sep 22-26
Drawing in 3D
Readings 4: Viewing and Visibility
Assignment 3: Kinematics
Lecture Audio: Tuesday Thursday
Week 5
Sep 29-Oct 3
Shape in 2D and 3D
Readings 5: Curves and Shape
Assignment 4: 3D in SVG
Lecture Audio: Tuesday No Thursday audio (battery died)
Week 6
Oct 6-10
Interpolation and Approximation (Curves and Surfaces)
Readings 6: Curves and Shape
Assignment 5: SVG Curves
Lecture Audio: Tuesday Thursday
Week 7
Oct 13-17
Graphics Programming and Lighting
Readings 7: Pipeline, Lighting, Shading
Assignment 6: Reading an OpenGl Program
Lecture Audio: Tuesday Thursday
Week 8
Oct 20-24
Texture and Real-Time Tricks
Readings 8: Texturing
Project 1: Signs of Life Checkpoint (assignment 7)
Lecture Audio: Tuesday Thursday
Week 9
Oct 27-31
Hardware, Shaders and Real-time Graphics
Readings 9: Shaders
MIDTERM EXAM (Tuesday, Oct 28, 7:15pm)
Lecture Audio: Tuesday Thursday
Week 10
Nov 3-7
Surfaces and Meshes
Readings 10: Shaders, Surfaces
Project 1 Due
Lecture Audio: Tuesday
Week 11
Nov 10-14
Readings 11: Color
Assignment 8: Shaders
Lecture sides on color
Week 12
Nov 17-21
Depth and Compositing
Project 2 Signs of Life (Assignment 9)
Week 13
Nov 24-28
Images and Practical Display Considerations
Readings 12: Image Processing
Project 2 Checkpoint (Assignment 10)
Lecture Audio: Tuesday
Week 14
Dec 1-5
Image Processing and Computational Photography
Readings 14:
Assignment 11: Image Processing
Lecture Audio: Tuesday Thursday
Week 15
Dec 8-12
Realistic Rendering and Ray Casting
Readings 15:
Project 2 Due
Lecture Audio: Tuesday Thursday


Final Exam: December 14, 2:45pm – unless the registrar changes it.