Assignment 1: Make an SVG picture!

by Mike Gleicher on August 29, 2014

Assignment due Wednesday, September 10. Graded check/no check.

As I’ve discussed elsewhere, we will use SVG as a way of experimenting with graphics concepts without having to do any programming. For this assignment, I want to make sure that you can actually make a valid SVG file, so we can do more specific things later.

For this assignment, all you need to do is make a picture in SVG – by hand. That means typing the actual SVG code yourself – not just running a graphics editor like Adobe Illustrator.

The requirements are very minimal:

  1. it needs to be a valid SVG file that loads into Chrome
  2. it needs to specify its size as 300 pixels square
  3. you have to create it yourself, by hand
  4. it can’t just be a blank white rectangle

So you could write a 3 line SVG file using your favorite text editor, and get the check.

But that would be boring. For you and for us.

Hopefully, you will choose to make some a cool and interesting picture. There’s no grade reward, but the satisfaction of doing something cool should be its own reward. We’ll also make a gallery of the cool things people do. And since you’ll do other things with SVG in the not so distant future, this is good practice.

You’ll turn this in on Moodle. You will upload the SVG file, and we’ll ask you to say what program you used to make it. (the answer should be a text editor, like Notepad++, but it can be something that better handles the XML)

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