Assignment 9a: Project 2 Kickoff

by Mike Gleicher on November 13, 2014

Assignment due Wednesday, November 19th

Project 2 is here! If you haven’t read it already, you should do so now.

For this week’s assignment, we want you to make sure you are at least started.

Basically, you just need to go to Moodle and provide a short note saying 3 things.

  1. If you want to work with a partner, tell us who it is. Note: every person in the class (both sides of a pair) must do this assignment. In order to form a team, both partners must say they want to work with each other. If you don’t want to work with a partner, but sure to say so.
  2. Say a few sentences about what you want to try in the assignment. Both artistically (what kind of town do you want to make), and / or technically (what kinds of things do you want to try). This can be brief, and it isn’t binding (you can change your mind). But, we want to make sure you have at least thought about it (so your answer must be good enough that we can sense that you have thought about it. Also, we want to see what people are interested in, since we might plan classes or tutorials on topics that lots of people want to learn about.
  3. Tell us that you have downloaded the framework code and have been able to run to run it. In the past, we asked you to submit a screen shot as proof. This time, you can skip that – we’ll trust you (just tell us “yes, I downloaded and ran the framework code.” – just be honest)

This is 1 sentence for #1 and #3 and a few sentences for #2.

Project 2 is on a pretty tight time table. Because of University rules, we are limited in how much we can extend deadlines, so the project really will be due in a few weeks. We really do want you to start early so you have enough time to do cool stuff.


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