What will be on the exam?

by Mike Gleicher on October 22, 2014

The midterm exam (7pm, Tuesday, October 28th, room 1240CS just like class) will cover all material discussed in class (or described in the syllabus up to (and including) class on Thursday , October 23rd (that means textures).

You are responsible for topics discussed in lectures, things discussed in readings (although in some cases the readings go beyond what we cover in class), concepts presented in our online tutorials and assignments, …

An outline / study guide of the topics is given here. My notes that I use for lectures are temporarily available to you – but they are really more notes to myself to remind me what I need to talk about, rather than details of the stuff you should know. My notes from previous years might also be useful. In 2010, these were a lot of hand-written ideas, although earlier years have more details. 2009 is well organized, 2008 is also organized and more complete. Be warned, the topics discussed n class have been evolving. (and the order has been changed around). The main important stuff is still there.

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