November 2011

Maureen Stone’s course on color for vis

The “expert color choices” – should be a required reading

the course notes are amazing at showing what color can do, can’t do, the perceptual issues, ….

Milestones in viz
A Periodic Table of viz:

Pencil & Paper designs

Thought Provoking Papers category

Hullman papers (retoric, difficulties), chartjunk, whiteboards

HIVE (Dykes)

Visual Salience

Wiki/Web support

Set inclusion design w/pencil sketching

Aspect ration paper (to emphasize how important basic concepts are)

Lighting comparison paper (to get DVR cues across)


Survey of Hi-D techniques (SPLOM, Projections, Embeddings, Parallel Coords)

Visual Inference

Ballot Maps as a good case study

Maureen blog tutorials

tufte color chapter in envisioning information (maureen)

synthesis lectures

Hanspeter: 5 step process

Haspeter: process in class, learn materials from reading


GOMS models (or some other thing)

Process: design notebooks (mariah)