This is another posting from Test Student. It will be put into a category and have comments enabled.

Test student’s Post

December 27, 2009

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This is a posting from Test student. They can’t do too much!

They can’t even publish it.

Update: 1/21/2010 – I have a different idea for this.

This “Category” of posts is for the “Visualization of the Day” – or “Visualization Show and Tell”.

The idea is that people can contribute a Visualization that they have found that they think is interesting, and that we all can all discuss it via the comments. Kindof like Show-and-Tell in Kindergarden!

Rather than being a free-for-all, we’ll all take turns contributing “Visualization of the Day”s. Your day will be assigned. When you publish the post, make sure that it gets put into the “Visualization of the Day” Category. Also, note that you should write your “Visualization of the Day” ahead of time – when we approve the posting, we’ll set it so that it appears on the right day.

Remember, as a student in the class, you can create posts, but they must be “approved” by the instructor or TA. (in WordPress speak, you are a contributor – except that we have added functionality to WordPress to allow you to upload images).