Ideas for 2012

Maureen Stone’s course on color for vis

The “expert color choices” – should be a required reading

the course notes are amazing at showing what color can do, can’t do, the perceptual issues, ….

Milestones in viz
A Periodic Table of viz:

Pencil & Paper designs

Thought Provoking Papers category

Hullman papers (retoric, difficulties), chartjunk, whiteboards

HIVE (Dykes)

Visual Salience

Wiki/Web support

Set inclusion design w/pencil sketching

Aspect ration paper (to emphasize how important basic concepts are)

Lighting comparison paper (to get DVR cues across)


Survey of Hi-D techniques (SPLOM, Projections, Embeddings, Parallel Coords)

Visual Inference

Ballot Maps as a good case study

Maureen blog tutorials

tufte color chapter in envisioning information (maureen)

synthesis lectures

Hanspeter: 5 step process

Haspeter: process in class, learn materials from reading


GOMS models (or some other thing)

Process: design notebooks (mariah)

Kosara Blog Posts

October 9, 2011

in Ideas for 2012

Ideas for Readings

October 9, 2011

in Ideas for 2012

Great getting started reading:

Data Visualization for Human Perception by Stephen Few

Counterpoint to Tufte

The “Chartjunk” paper at CHI

Be sure to read the Cleveland an McGill Graphical perception paper (short version for 638, long version for 838). And maybe a more modern follow up

infographics design post: some makes me mad, other is good  – makes you realize what these people are about

A Visualization class will be offered again in the Spring of 2012. Check here for the official announcement (or maybe even the course web)