Cool Stuff

The data is interesting, I’m not too keen on the circular design, but the information here is good food for thought:

If you have a great narrative, all the visualization tool you really need is… some Lego bricks.

Click for full size

An infographic website companion to the radio show “This American Life.”

The Design for America contest is challenging the community to come up with information visualizations of some available government data.

The first 3 challenges (in the “Data Visualization” category) might make good final projects. (info on that coming soon)

Here is a tool In the spirit of colorbrewer, but for your iPhone. Beautifully done.

This is a collection of some nice tutorials on topics related to photography. Some of the concepts related to color in photographs are explained with visual illustration. These can be very helpful for understanding color for our purposes as well.

An unusual visualization of seasons in color:

Pretty funny… can we come up with more?