Another Simple Example

February 27, 2010

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Here is a simple example of a trajectory (an evolution of the group).

In each case, we start out with things in 2 groups, and the nodes reconnect into 3 groups. There are 3 intermediate steps.

I have generated this data for two different network sizes (12 and 18).

To make things easier, I have not permuted the groups when things are divided into 3 (so, the groups are [0,1,2,3] [4,5,6,7] [8,9,10,11]). But I have also included cases where everything is permuted.

The file naming convention is: bg18pn_000_100.csv which means:

  • 18 = 18 node network
  • pn = start (2 groups) is permuted, end (3 groups) is not permuted (pp=both beginning and end are permuted)
  • 0% of the start
  • 100% of the end

Some examples:

Big ZIP of n=12,18,24, with and without permuted ends:

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