Design Challenge Teams

February 18, 2010

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With 16 people, there is a team of 4 and 4 teams of 3.

While having a diverse set of people in class makes things interesting, it can also complicate teamwork since people are distributed all over campus. I do appreciate the efforts that people make in working togeher – hopefully the experience of collaborating with people from outside your field will make up for the inconvenience of having to deal with distance.

  • Albers, Danielle    Vack, Nate    Hinrichs, Christopher
  • He, David    Kishor, Puneet    Faisal, Khan    Moon, Jee Young
  • Hill, James    Liu, Ye    Huang, Shuang
  • Mayorga, Adrian    White, Jeremy    Watkins, Leslie
  • Turetsky, Emma    Kim, Nakho    Verma, Chaman Singh

We will provide time in class for teams to talk and coordinate.

My hope is that teams will work together to develop solutions to the challenge, but I understand that collaboration can be challenging. Having subsets of the the team develop solutions (leading to multiple solutions) that are then just combined into a coordinated presentation is OK if you really can’t find ways to work together.

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