Nakho Kim

January 26, 2010

in Student Posts

I am:
– at the School of Journalism, fourth year PhD student.

– Mapping complex dynamics among social agents and media.
– Positioning emerging citizen journalism in specific forms of “media ecology”.
– Utilizing community network knowledge for journalism and community discourses.

* Currently working on agent-based models of media institution interactions for dissertation research.
* Currently working on the community journalism project “Madison Commons” as technical manager/developer with prof. Lew Friedland.
* Also partly involved in designing implementations for the community social network database “Community Knowledge Base”, which is being developed by prof. Lew Friedland.

– Find ideas to better visualize complex relational models (e.g. social networks) for academic and popular uses.

– As for computing skills, server management experiences, some PHP and tiny bit JAVA(administrator-level, rather than programmer-level).
– Visualization tools I’ve used include network analysis programs such as UCINET and ORA, ABM programs such as NetLOGO.

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