Chaman Singh Verma

January 25, 2010

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Name :          Chaman Singh Verma
Affiliation:    Department of Computer Sciences
Website    :
Current Status: First year Ph.D student.

Professional Interests:
Applied Computational Geometry specially in 3D mesh generation, large
scale parallel and distributed computing.

Before coming to UW for the graduate studies, I was working at Argonne
National Lab at Chicago in the field of Biomedical image processing and
3D reconstruction of human carotid arteries. The 3D models generated from
the images were used in computer simulation of carotid stenois. One of the
reason why I got involved in visualization area at ANL was because there were
not good tools to analyze terabytes of dataset generated by the largest and
fastest supercomputers in various research labs. It is widely accepted by the
scientists at these labs that unless there are tools to extract useful
information from these dataset, the aim of “Simulation as third Pillar of
Science” can not be achieved.

Before joining ANL, I worked for eight years for a Supercomputer manufacturing
company where my primary responsibilities were developing tools and benchmarkingHPC compilers, system software and end users applications.

I have great expectations from this class because of my frustrating experience
with analysis of 3D and higher dimensional datasets. It will be extremely
valuable to get some new insights into

1.  Dimension reduction techniques.
2.  Extremely large scale SVD and PCA techniques.
3.  Efficient 3D Volume visualization techniques.

Skills:  Primarily C/C++ with Parallel Programming using Message Passing Interface, multi-threading and, OpenMP. Recently started learning CUDA programming

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