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January 20, 2010

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Part of the purpose of the first assignment is to work out some of the kinds in using the system.

Since at least one person was confused by this:

For assignment 1 you are asked to comment on a post. If you’re logged in, when you look at the post, you’ll see a comment box at the bottom. (if you are looking at the “assignments page” you might need to click on the title of the assignment to be taken to the page for the specific assignment -or click on where it says “comments” at the bottom).

You do not need to use the dashboard in order to make a comment.

Part of the conceptual model here: there are “posts” and then there are “comments on the posts” – these are two very different things (in the mind of the system).For assignment 2, you’ll be asked to make a post.

This is a great example of a hidden assumption in the conceptual model of a system – and where something makes a lot more sense when you have some understanding of what’s going on behind the scenes (which is hard to know without insider knowledge). But that’s a conversation for when we talk about user interface principles.

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