The sources of readings

January 19, 2010

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Readings for this class will come from 3 places:

  • The textbook (Visual Thinking for Design). We’ll read the whole book over the course of the semester, so academic fair use doesn’t apply. You should either buy a copy or plan to spend a lot of time in Wendt library with the version on reserve.
  • The web. Most of the papers we will read can be found on the web. Occasionally, the only link I will find will be to a digital library (which will require you to either be on campus to access it, or use some proxy server). We also have access to some useful books online via Wendt library.
  • The protected web reader. There are some things that I have electronic copies of, that I cannot make available to the general public. For example, if I scan 1 chapter of a book, I can make it available to a class under fair-use guidelines. (but only 1 chapter, and only to my class). I’ve put these readings in  a password protected directory: This is very loose protection, just trying to keep search robots out. The user account is “vis10” and the password is the room that class meets in (4 digits and 2 lower case letters for the building/department).

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