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April 16, 2010

in Final Project


This project will investigate the mothods of producing stereo images in different areas of media with a focus on scientific data.  It will also investigate the relative value of stereo when compared to other depth cues such as shading and occlusion.  The project will culminate with a simple application that shows how stereo compares to other depth cues when both are present.

As a possible addition, I would like to have a number of different people try my software and comment on the relative usefulness of stereo.

Desired Outcomes:

I wish to produce several things including: a sumary of what is requrired to be produced to create a “good” stereo pair, a program that compares stereo different depth cues to stereo, and a list of depth cues with a ranking comparing it to the stereo depth queue (i.e, better or worse).

Initial Readings:

I have three initial readings that will hopefully produce leads on other literature:

  1. Michael F. Deering. Making Virtual Reality more Real, Experience with the Virtual Portal. Proc. Graphics Interface ’93.
  2. Michael F. Deering. The Limits of Human Vision. In 2nd International Immersive Projection Technology Workshop, 1998.
  3. Geoffrey S. Hubona. The relative contributions of stereo, lighting, and background scenes in promoting 3D depth visualization. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, 1999.


By the following dates I would like the following to have occured

April Friday 23 – Read initial papers and any leads, have summaries and have initial code in place to produce stereo images on csl machines

April Friday 30 – Have stereo/depth cue comparison program done and have initial measurements from different people.

Example Visualizations:

I will produce hard copies of the images produced by my software.  In most cases this will be a simple image constrasting two depth cues.

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