Project Proposal: Visualizing weather data on a map

April 7, 2010

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Daily weather data are collected at ground stations and sampled to a 1 sq. km. for the entire United States. The data are made available in a scientific format called NetCDF, which is essentially a hierarchical format capable of storing an arbitrary number of nested arrays. While suitable for storage and targeted analysis, NetCDF is not easily amenable to spatial query and visualization.

This is a proposal to convert the NetCDF format to a spatial database format, and then write routines and build the interface that would allow spatial selection of weather data and display them on a map as geo-referenced image.

The project would focus on creating a web-based working prototype for a specific part of the country. The prototype would be scalable to the entire country.

Plus: I already have the data; the spatial routines are pretty well established; the scientific contribution factor is high.

Minus: There is not much “new” in this proposal even though the innovation quotient in terms of improving a process is pretty high.

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