Design Challenge Final Handins

March 7, 2010

in Assignments

The Design Challenge “Preview Presentations” worked out well. It was nice to see the range of solutions that people came up with. But, its not over yet.

First: not all the designs demonstrated appear on the web. Be sure to get your design on the web as a posting in the “DC Results” Category ASAP. This is important for the next phases.

While the original deadline for the “final handin” was 3/11, we’ll extend that a little since I haven’t told you what you were supposed to do. But there will be something due before class on the 11th, and you’ll probably want to get started on the final writeup. (because there will be reading assignments for the following week)

For Thursday, March 11th (due before 8am so I can look things over before class): Each person should comment on everyone else’s design. The TA will count up how many comments on designs each person makes (yes, we do keep score!). This is important since people will need the feedback.

For Thursday, March 18th (due before 8am): Each group needs to turn in their final “product.” This should include any runnable demos and/or videos (arrange with the TA if you can’t upload things to the course web), as well as a document as described below. (it’s probably best if you prepare the document as a PDF, and make a posting to the Wiki with an attachment. if you can’t post PDF attachments, send it via email to the TA).

Your document should:

  • Describe the visualizations that your group created (in sufficient detail that someone can understand them). Include the technical/implementation details, as well as the ideas of the design.
  • Discuss the feedback that you received, and how you used it (or would use it) to improve the quality of the visualizations.
  • Discuss the problems that your visualization addresses (what kinds of things can you see with it).
  • Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your methods.
  • Discuss how the design principles (that we have discussed in class) influence your methods.
  • Describe the process that you used to develop your solutions. How did your group work together? How did you generate ideas? How did you test them?

Also, for class on 3/18: we would like you to do a little evaluation about the class. Please print it on a piece of paper without your name (so we can keep it anonymous). In class, give it to the TA who will note that you’ve turned it in (we want to make sure everyone turns in something, but we want it to be anonymous). Please answer the following questions:

  1. What was your overall opinion of the design challenge project?
  2. What could we have done to make it better?
  3. What should we not change if we do something like this again in the future?
  4. What do you think about the class in general?
  5. What could we do to make the second half of the semester better than the first?
  6. What should we not change?
  7. Which topic (so far) did you find most interesting?
  8. Which topic (so far) did you find least interesting?
  9. Any other comments about the class are most welcomed.

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