Assignment 0: Kick the Tires

by Mike Gleicher on August 29, 2014

This assignment is due on Wednesday, September 10th.

Note: this assignment isn’t “assigned” until after class on Thursday, September 4th. The assignment will probably change before that. Please don’t do the assignment before that, as we won’t be ready for you. Before the assignment is assigned, it may be listed on the

This assignment is called “assignment 0” not because I’m a computer scientist and always count from 0, but rather because it isn’t really an assignment. It’s more just to make sure you take care of some of the administrative details and try things out. It will be “graded” yes/ no, however, we will not allow you to turn in other assignments until you have done the course survey.

Things you must do for this assignment:

  1. Complete the course survey. (link). We need this information to plan the course.
  2. Go to the course Piazza site. Make sure you have an account. To demonstrate this, please post a reply to the “assignment 0” question posting.
  3. Look over the class web page. Even though it’s a work in progress, there is a lot there already. Get a sense of the class rules. Figure out where to find things.
  4. Go to the class Moodle page. Find assignment 0. There should be a type-in box for the assignment. In this box, list 3 things you want to learn in this class.

Part of this assignment is for the course staff to practice figuring out how things work as well.

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