The Week in 559: Week 02 September 8-12

by Mike Gleicher on September 5, 2014

Hopefully, the enrollment and administrative issues are behind us, and we can now focus on graphics!

In lectures, we’ll talk about coordinate systems and transformations in 2D (and if there’s time, we’ll start with 3D).

For this week’s readings, there are a few (short) book chapters on coordinate systems, some linear algebra, and transformations. The chapters are pretty short. You will also want to do some reading about SVG – start with my tutorials, and then look on the web. People are putting suggestions into the Piazza posting.

This week, there are two assignments due (0 and 1). Assignment zero is just to make sure the course infrastructure works, and that everyone is able to get to Moodle and Piazza. Assignment one is just there to make sure you’ve looked at SVG a little bit. For next week, we’ll have an assignment that uses it to more closely give you practice with some of the course material.

Next week, we’ll move onto 3D, examining the transformations that are useful in applying to 3D points and primitives. We’ll also have an assignment that will allow you to experiment with transformation concepts using SVG.

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