The week in 559: Week 15, December 8-12

by Mike Gleicher on December 7, 2014

Wow – we’ve made it to the last week.

Last week we took a whirlwind tour of image processing basic theory. The homework didn’t need to be turned in, but it’s probably a good idea to try to answer the questions. They make for great exam questions (hint hint).

This week, the biggest things on your mind are probably Project 2 (which is due Wednesday, but there is some flexibility) and the final exam (which is Sunday, with no flexibility).

There are no readings this week. With the project and the exam, you’re probably busy enough. That means for this week’s subject material, you’ll need to learn it in lecture.

So this week…

  • Please do a course evaluation! You should have received an invitation online via email. We’ll reserve a little time in class on Thursday for people to do it (bring a laptop, tablet or smartphone) since we’ll be doing it online.
  • Tuesday in class, we’ll talk about high-quality rendering (including Ray Tracing). It’s one of those topics we could spend the whole semester on, but we’ll talk about the basic ideas. If we have time, we’ll talk about deformations as well.
  • Thursday in class, we’ll do a little bit of reviewing some of the topics we did learn by mentioning some of the topics we didn’t. We’ll take some time to look at people’s project 2s (if you want to show something in your project off, please bring your laptop to class – or at least a memory stick with the compiled program). We’ll also save a little time for people who did not do the course evaluations yet.
  • Sometime during the week, I’ll post hand-in instructions for project 2. We will have some mechanism to handle handins that are bigger than what moodle allows. Also, we will have a form to fill out online that will help us with grading.

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