Project 2 Deadlines

by Mike Gleicher on December 4, 2014

Project 2 is due Wednesday, December 10th. As it always has been (since the course calendar at the beginning of the semester).

We will start grading projects sometime on Saturday morning, December 13th. We will download all the projects at that time. If your project isn’t turned in by then, we cannot grade it. If your project is turned in before then, we will grade it without looking at when it was turned in.

There are no late penalties providing you turn the project in before we start grading. If you turn the project in later than that, we won’t grade it.

No, I don’t know what time we’ll start grading on December 13th. But, if I were taking the class, I wouldn’t take any chances (I may wake up early these days): if you turn your project in while the clock still says Friday, you know you’re safe. A little bit after that, probably safe.

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