The week in 559: Week 08 October 20-24

by Mike Gleicher on October 16, 2014

Last week, we talked a bit about getting triangles from our program to the screen, including figuring out what color they should be (lighting).

Next week, we’ll talk about doing fancier things with those colors – changing the appearance on a per-pixel basis. This is called “texturing.” We’ll also review some of the lighting and graphics programming concepts that might have been hidden away in the lectures last week.

For readings, you should go back to last week’s readings (on lighting and the pipeline) if you haven’t looked at them already. Then you should have a look at this week’s readings on texturing.

The assignment for Wednesday is the first checkpoint of project 1. It’s not a lot for this week – but hopefully, will at least have you look ahead at the project.

Speaking of looking ahead – don’t forget that the mid-term exam is Tuesday evening, October 28th. That’s not so far away. There will be more information about what to expect coming soon. Next week’s content (on texturing) will be fair game.

For what it’s worth… having to write an exam is worse than having to take one. I can say this having been on both sides of it.

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