The week in 559: Week 06 October 6-10

by Mike Gleicher on October 3, 2014

Last week, we finally discussed rotations in 3D (although with a lot of hand waving), and got started talking about curves. We also had Assignment 4, about projection – if you realized you need to see that material again, check out the video tutorials.

This week, we’ll talk more about curves.

  • For reading, Week 6’s readings are about curves and feature some notes I wrote (that became a book chapter). These parallel the way we’re discussing things in class.
  • Assignment 5 gives you a chance to try out working with curves. Because we won’t see the Bezier algorithms (de Castlejau) until Tuesday, you can have an extension on the assignment until Friday the 10th. (this is a slight variant on the “something is due on Wednesday” – it still is, but we don’t mind if you’re a little late).

The first project is coming soon. This week we’ll get you some information on getting your C++ environment set up correctly so that you can work on it.

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