Video Help: Projections

by Mike Gleicher on October 2, 2014

(note: I had posted this before – honest – but all traces of the posting seem to have vanished)

Since people were having trouble with Assignment 4, I thought this would be an opportunity to try creating “Video Help Sessions.”

These are kindof mini-lectures (like we might have if there was a real help session), except instead of doing it in front of a class, I did it in front of a camera.

This is the first time I’ve tried to do something like this: its an experiment. I’ve learned that its harder to make these than I thought. Hopefully, they are better than nothing. There are technical issues (the camera I used isn’t quite up to the task, so the writing is hard to read), and content issues. Hopefully I’ll get better at this with practice.

Anyway, there are two videos. Note: that this uses the University’s video platform, which does not play nicely with AdBlock software (so if you don’t see a video in your browser, see if there is an ad blocker like AdBlock or Ghostery that is preventing the Kaltura widget from doing its thing).

Video 1: An explanation of the simple projection matrix.

Video 2: Matrix Pipeline (how the matrix we derived in the previous video gets used in Assignment 4.

Hopefully, these will help you understand the simple projection matrix better. And the simple projection matrix is at the core of Assignment 4.

And, in the future, hopefully I will get better at producing useful videos. These are a first experiment. I know the writing is a little fuzzy, …

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