Assignment 4 (Again)

by Mike Gleicher on October 2, 2014

A bunch of people had trouble with Assignment 4 – realizing at the last minute that they didn’t understand some of the concepts as well as they had hoped.

This is actually the purpose of the assignments: unless you try out the ideas, you aren’t going to know whether or not you really understand them.

The stuff in assignment 4 is important (transformations, projections, …) – so if you didn’t get it, its worthwhile figuring it out. I’ve put up some Video Help (which may or may not help), or you can come to office hours, or ask a classmate – but if you don’t feel like you got Assignment 4’s concepts, keep trying!

If you aren’t satisfied with what you turned in for assignment 4, you can turn it in late. If you didn’t turn in anything, turn in a late assignment (remember, you can do that until Adam grades things – which probably won’t be until next week). If you want to revise your assignment (i.e. you turned something in, but want to turn in something better), send Adam email. I’m not sure how Moodle handles revising things – so we’ll do it manually for now.

There’s always a question: is it better to turn in a less good assignment on time, or a better assignment late. For the assignments, I think the best strategy is to do both: turn in what you have at the deadline, and if you found you aren’t quite getting the concepts, keep working at it and revise. If you just start late, you won’t realize what you don’t know until its too late.

Assignment 5 should be easier…

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