Readings 03: Readings for September 15-19

by Mike Gleicher on September 7, 2014

For week 3, we’ll extend our discussion about transformations into 3D. This will cause us to look at rotations more carefully. We may get as far as discussing the transformations from 3D into the 2D image plane (the viewing transformation)

For 3D Transformations, the readings are:

  • Chapter 10 of Practical Linear Algebra (for vector operations in 3D, particularly the cross product) (reader)
  • Section 2.4 of Foundations of Computer Graphics (reader) for a discussion of vector math.
  • Chapter 6 of Foundations of Computer Graphics (reader). You’ve already read this. Now you can look at it again and pay attention to the 3D stuff.
  • Chapter 3 (Viewing) in the OpenGL Programmer’s Guide (reader) (ancient version on the web). Be sure to read my notes about the red book to understand why I am asking you to read this. Unfortunately, the sections aren’t numbered. Also,  the chapter talks about viewing first (with a lot of OpenGL specific stuff) before getting to the most relevant stuff. The important section for this week is “Viewing and Modeling Transformations.”  However, you might want to (quickly) read the stuff that comes before it, just to get a sense of how to read the code examples. We will talk about matrix stacks in class too. When you get to viewing transformations, you can stop for this week – although you’ll be asked to read that part next week.
  • The beginning of Chapter 4, and Section 4.1 of Real Time Rendering (for a discussion of the standard transformations with a  little more details) (reader). You may want to read ahead in this chapter to learn about other ways to handle rotations in sections 4.2 and 4.3. Sections 4.4 and 4.5 get into much more interesting stuff to do with transformations that we’ll hopefully come back to later in the semester. 4.6 talks about viewing transforms (projections) – and we’ll look at those next week.

This week, you will also have an assignment due to use 2D transforms in SVG. So, you’ll probably want to do some practical reading about SVG. Start with the Tutorials (you’ve probably seen SVG1, but make sure to look over SVG2 SVG3 and SVG4). But you’ll probably want to find some other things to read as well. If you find something on the web, tell your classmates on the Piazza page.

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