Room 1240 issues (sound and sight

by Mike Gleicher on September 6, 2014

We are fortunate this semester to be able to use room 1240 Computer Sciences for our class. This room was designated as a seminar room and is not normally available for class use. It’s great to be in a room with comfortable chairs, a good projector, attractive décor, …

However, the room is a bit big for our class, and its “wide” shape makes it a little difficult for classroom lectures.

Sound: it can be difficult (for me) to speak loudly enough to fill the room, especially especially to reach the corners. For various reasons, I’d really prefer to avoid using amplification if possible.


  1. If you can’t hear something, let me know. I’d rather repeat myself than fear someone missing something. If this happens too much, we’ll need to do something about it.
  2. Please do not sit in the back corners (the last 2-3 rows on the side). The room should only be about 1/2 full, so there should be room closer up for everyone.

Sight: A whiteboard is better than a blackboard, but still not perfect. If I write something too small or too dim, please let me know. I can read my writing Smile. Sometimes this might be I need to use a better marker, sometimes I’ll need to write bigger. I won’t know unless someone tells me.

Remember: if you can see/hear, chances are there is someone else who cannot either. I can usually see and hear myself since I am up front. So please speak up.

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