Readings 02: Readings for September 8-12

by Mike Gleicher on September 2, 2014

For week 2, we’ll be learning about transformations and basic linear algebra. We’ll mainly be doing things in 2D (since it’s easier for getting started). You’ll be trying out these concepts using SVG, so you’ll want to know about that.

Note: there will probably be more tutorials on Linear Algebra and SVG, but they aren’t ready yet.

Required readings:

Linear Algebra and Transformations: note – even if you know linear algebra, I recommend you do the readings as they will relate the linear algebra concepts to graphics/geometry concepts.

  • Chapter 2 of Practical Linear Algebra (reader) (library)
  • Chapter 4 of practical linear algebra. (reader) (library)
  • Parts of Chapter 6 of Foundations of Computer Graphics. While we aren’t talking about 3D stuff yet, it is intertwined. You can skip over the 3D stuff for now, especially things that involve topics that might not make sense until we get a bunch more concepts (like transformations of normals in 6.2.2). But some of the basic stuff (like in 6.3) is presented for 3D. For this week, 6.0, 6.1, 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5 are relevant. (reader) (library)
  • If you aren’t familiar with vector operations, have a look at the beginning of Section 2.4 of FCG. It quickly goes into 3D stuff you won’t need, but it’s a good start. (reader) (library)

SVG: Look at the resources list on Piazza in order to figure out what you need for the assignment. There will also be a tutorial explaining SVG coordinate systems and transformations.

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