Project 1 Grades

by Mike Gleicher on December 4, 2014

You should have received an email with your project 1 grade (assuming the script worked). It was sent to your “” email address that we get from the registrar.

Some info on the grades:

After going through all the tests (see the score sheet), we summarized it in 3 0-4 numbers: Basics, Advanced, and Bells and Whistles. We then gave it a “subjective grade.” Later, I wrote a program that automatically graded things based on a more objective criteria (counting the checkboxes). These grades were compared to the subjective grades. They generally matched, but if they did not, we looked at the assignment again and made sure the right grade was given.

The median grade was a B, an the mean was just above a B. There were some pretty creative assignments.

A: Solid Basics, Most Advanced Features, (at least some) some bells and whistles

AB: Solid Basics, Many Advanced Features, Few Bells and whistles
AB: Solid Basics, Some Advanced Features, Good Bells and whitsles

B: Solid Basics, Some Advanced Features
B: Solid Basics, Few Advanced Features, Bells and whitles
B: Not-so-solid basics, Few Advanced Features, Exceptional Bells & Whistles

BC: Solid Basics, Little Else (maybe 1-2 advanced features)
BC: Not-so-solid basics, good amount of other stuff

C: Not-so-solid (but working) basics

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