Emails and 559 this semester

by Mike Gleicher on August 29, 2014

You have at least 2 email addresses: your CS email ( and your university WiscMail ( email. You probably have a third email address. And you probably don’t read them all.

Unfortunately, some of the university’s systems are hard-wired to send email to your WiscMail account. Some of the department’s systems point us to your cs email.


We will generally avoid using email, since it tends to be unreliable. Announcements will be made here to this web site. If you prefer to get announcements by email, there is a way to have the website notify you of new postings by email (click here). Or there is an RSS feed at the top of this page.

In the event that you don’t check your WiscMail or cs email, please have it forwarded to an account that you do read regularly.

When you send email to the course staff (instructor or TA), we will try to send replies to the address you sent it from. Please make sure that your mailer is set up to put your name in the “from” field, and to clearly identify yourself – especially if your email address is not one that doesn’t clearly have your name in it.

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