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Course web for the Spring 2019 Computer Graphics Class

Final Grade Computations

In Canvas, there will be an assignment with your final course grade computation.

This is unofficial (your official grade is what the registrar reports).

Grades were computed exactly as described in the course information:

  • 65% assignments (dropping 2, adding bonus addition)
  • 35% exams (12% midterm, 18% final, 5% which ever is best)

We decided that everyone deserved a bonus point addition. We took the number of bonus points and divided by 40 and used this as the portion of the half-grade you got. So, if you got 20 bonus points over the course of the semester (with some limits as to not too many from particular categories), you had 1/4 grade added – enough to make an AB round up to an A. But, even if you had only a few bonus points, you got some addition.

In case you’re curious, the mean and median grade is an AB.