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Course web for the Spring 2019 Computer Graphics Class

Month: November 2018

Enrollment Permissions

All enrollment to the class is via the waiting list. We have a very full class. As of January 10th, all students who put themselves on the waiting list have been invited to enroll.

Several people are asking for permission to enroll. There are many reasons (you don’t have the pre-reqs, you are a visiting or special student, …).

If you’re not a CS major, you need to wait until November 28th to enroll.

I cannot give anyone special permission to enroll until all “regular” students enroll first. (they get priority). Please contact me after December 17th when I will have a better sense of how full the class is. All students must use the waiting list.
No promises, but I expect to be able to allow everyone who is interested into the class. We have a huge room. Update 11/22: there is a much larger demand for the class than I expected. We are limited by the capacity of the room. I expect many people on the list will drop, but we may need to wait until they do before adding more people.

Note: if the class is full, put yourself on the waiting list. I expect a lot of people will drop, and we’ll be able to take people from the waiting list.

I may be willing to allow exceptions to the CS400 pre-req for people who are confident in their programming abilities. I cannot consider exceptions until after December 17th. We will give priority to students who have filled the prerequisites.

Website under construction!

This site will be the web page for CS559 Computer Graphics for the Spring 2019. Right now, the page is mainly a placeholder. Actual content will start appearing soon.

If you’re curious about the class, you can look at the course web for previous semesters: the last course offering (Spring 2018) or the last time I taught the class (Fall 2015). A warning: I plan to update the class for this semester, so don’t use the past classes as a way to predict this semester.