The week in 559: Week 07 October 13-17

by Mike Gleicher on October 10, 2014

Last week, we went through curves. And not even all of it.While I’d like to tell you about B-Splines, and we’ll need to talk about arc-length parameterizations for the project, this will happen either later or in videos (or both).

Next week, we’ll talk about using the graphics hardware to draw in 3D for us. This means we’ll start to talk about OpenGL – but mainly as a way of getting at the graphics hardware (which we will discuss more). It’s hard to talk about this without talking about lighting first, so we’ll do some of that too.

Reading 7 is about lighting and shading, but you can read things after the lectures.

Assignment 6 is due on October 15. It tries to make sure you can read C++ code, and are set up to do the project.

Project 1 will also be announced during the week. We recommend that you start early – at least checking to make sure you can read the code, and get the framework to compile. We’ll give you some additional help (either in class, or in a tutorial) to help you do some of the more advanced options.

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