The week in 559: Week 05 September 29-October 3

by Mike Gleicher on September 26, 2014

This past week, we got triangles from 3D back into 2D so we could get them on the screen.

Next week, we’ll talk about having primitives that are not just lines and triangles: we’ll discuss curves and curved surfaces.

We’ll also talk about rotations in 3D since we keep putting that discussion off.

For the assignment due on Wednesday, you’ll get to try out those viewing transformations and make some 3D pictures in SVG. Assignment 4 is due Wednesday, October 1.

For readings, the readings aren’t required for this week. On the reading page for this week there’s some extra readings on transformations, if you want to learn more. There are also some readings about curves, but you can read them after we discuss things in class. (that is, the readings will be assigned next week)

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