The week in 559: Week 03 September 15-19

by Mike Gleicher on September 12, 2014

This week, we’ll (hopefully) conclude our linear algebra review and move on to thinking about transformations in the third dimension. We’ll actually start by doing 3D transformations for 2D spaces (homogenous coordinates), and then do 4D transformations for 3D.

For Wednesday, September 17th, Assignment 2 is due. You might want to read the SVG tutorials to get a starting point on how to apply the transformation concepts from class to making pictures in SVG.

The third week’s reading gives a few short things about linear algebra, and then has some things describing transformations in 3D. There isn’t really that much reading because some of it you’ve already read (FCG chapter 6), and for others, you can focus on the relevant parts within the chapters. Of course, reading more than the minimum will give you a deeper sense of the topic, and an idea of what is coming up in class.

Next week (Sept 22-26) we’ll think about how those primitives in 3D make their way to our (2D) screens.

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