Late Project 2

by Mike Gleicher on December 13, 2014

I am feeling generous this morning.

If you turned things in on time, thank you.

If you honestly feel that an extra 6 hours after the deadline would have made a big difference, send Adam and I email before 4pm Saturday saying what might have been different if you had 6 hours. Be realistic: if you didn’t do it in 4 weeks, it probably wouldn’t happen in the sleep deprived last 6 hours. It should be something like “if I had a few more hours, I would have been able to fix this bug”, not some new technical challenge. In the event that your project is on the borderline between grades, we will look at these. I am giving you this option because I am giving some people more time, which really isn’t fair to you. Please say “Project 2 Overtime” in the subject of your email.

I should add that if your project is borderline between grades, we will probably give you the benefit of doubt even if you don’t send us email.

If you did not turn in the project on time:

There are two other options. If you want to take either one, send email to BOTH Adam and I before noon on Saturday.

1. If you turn things in by 2pm Saturday, we will grade it at the end of regular grading. There will be a penalty, and there will be no opportunity for us to contact you if there is a handin problem. Send email to Adam when we can grab your project.

2. If you turn thing in by 6am Sunday, I will try to grade it myself. There is no opportunity for fixing things – it must download and build easily. There will be a big penalty, since you will lose all the “grader consensus points”.

We need to give penalties for late projects out of fairness to the vast majority of the class that followed the rules.

If you turned in something on time, this is better than turning something in late – so don’t change your assignment.

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