Another book (or pieces of it)

by Mike Gleicher on September 20, 2014

As I mentioned earlier, we don’t have one book for this class. I couldn’t find one book that covered all the material well, so I am picking pieces of several books.

Well, my friend, Prof. John Hart at the University of Illinois, is in a similar situation. He was unhappy with any textbooks for teaching his graphics class. So he decided to start writing his own. It looks like it will be really good. Unfortunately, only a few parts are written so far.

John is willing to let us use the pieces of the book for our class to try them out. Even the pieces that exist are sometimes incomplete, and not all of the errors are caught.

The pieces of the book are for our class use only. They will be in the protected reader. We ask that you do not share them outside of class.

If you find errors, or have feedback about what is written, please send it to me (and I will forward it on to Prof. Hart).

While it is not required reading, I recommend you read the preface and first chapter of the book, since it will give you a perspective on how the book is organized, and a sense of John’s sense of humor.

PICT0122 Here’s a 2002 picture of John, in a park in Geneva Switzerland, with a giant chess set. He was in the process of beating me very handily (I am a terrible chess player).

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