The week in 559: Week 12, November 17-21

by Mike Gleicher on November 15, 2014

Last week in class you learned about color, hopefully by reading and by hearing about it. You also learned what Project 2 will be, and wrote some shaders.

This week in class, there will be more guest lectures. You’ll learn about depth perception and virtual reality, and you’ll learn about visual effects. Again, in both cases, there will be guest lecturers who know a lot about graphics, so feel free to ask them questions!

There are no assigned readings for Tuesday and Thursday’s topics. However, this might be a chance to go and catch up on old readings. Or to find readings related to the things you want to do for the project.

For this week, there are two assignments due on Wednesday, November 19th:

Assignment 9a: Project 2 Checkpoint 1. This is a really important assignment to make sure you’ve started on project 2. This is your chance to tell us that you want to work with a partner.

Assignment 9b: Lecture topics. Some questions to remind you about what you learned about. With all the project stuff, you might be forgetting that there will be an exam, with material to stay on top of.


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