The Week in Vis: Week 15 (5/1-5/5)

by Mike Gleicher on April 30, 2017

We made it to the end (sortof). So many topics to discuss, so little time, …

Last week was “guest lecture week” and hopefully, was a chance to get started on Design Challenge 3.

Please do the official course evals. They really do help me – and the department. And the department really likes to see high turnout rates (we got over 90% for the mid-semester evals). Go to the AEFIS web page and you can fill it out. As of 4/30, only 14 people have done it.

I really do look at these things. I have a lot of good feedback from the mid-semester evals (you may have noticed changes in how the class was run, and more things will get fixed next semester).

Other that the course evals (please do it!)…

  • We have the last reading (Reading 15). I understand if there’s no discussion (although lots to discuss). Also, it’s a little disconnected from the lectures.
  • We have the last Seek and Find (Seek and Find 15).
  • Design Challenge 3 is going on. Hopefully, the Checkpoint will help us understand how we’re going to get these from people. I apologize for not figuring out the final details – but we need to be able to adapt to what people are doing. Expect instructions this week.

So this week…

  • Monday (5/1) – “Lecture” (if you can call it that – lectures in the room are a challenge for everyone) on 3D. The initial part of the Reading 15  is due – but it has nothing to do with the lecture. We may take some time to talk about DC3 (to let people discuss tools with others using similar ones).
  • Tuesday (5/2) – Design Challenge 3, Milestone 2. A chance to check in to see how everyone is doing, and figure out how we’ll collect the assignments.
  • Wednesday (5/3) – “Lecture” – on whatever topics are leftover (there are tons – not sure what I’ll talk about). Some SciVis stuff will certainly come up. Maybe more 3D. Maybe some low-level programming stuff to help with DC3. Who knows.
  • Friday (5/5) – Seek and Find 15 is due, and any other posts for any of the discussions that you want to grade.
  • And another reminder to do the course eval, if you haven’t.

By the end of the week, we should have a plan for how we’ll collect all the DC3s.


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