The Week in Vis 15: The last week! (May 4-8)

by Mike Gleicher on May 2, 2015

Wow, we’ve gotten to the end.

One big thing this week will be course evals. I may also give an additional survey to get more feedback. I actually really care about this, since I do want to know people’s opinions so I can plan future Vis courses. The exact mechanics will still be worked out (since there are some issues with the regular course evaluations, but that’s a longer story).

In class this week…

  • On Tuesday, I plan to talk about traditional “Scientific” visualization.
  • On Thursday, I plan to try to give a summary of where we’ve been, but I might decide to talk about any of the topics we missed over the course of the semester (including animation and presentations). We’ll probably do a last design exercise, because people seem to like them. And its good practice.

Due this week…

  • The design challenge. People did phase 1. So I think everyone’s on top of it.
  • One last Seek and Find, due May 6.
  • One last discussion (with a “reading”). Initial posting due on Monday May 4 – this will hopefully provoke some discussion through the week.
  • One last 838 only assignment, initial posting due May 4, but again, I am hoping this will lead to some discussion.
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