The last assignments…

by Mike Gleicher on April 28, 2015

We’re really getting to the end!

Here are the last assignments…

  • While not an assignment, we will do course evaluations on-line. Details coming soon. I really do care about your opinion, so please take the time to fill out an evaluation (even if just the few moments to fill in the numerical questions). I may or may not do an additional survey to ask class-specific questions to get your advice on how to do this class next time.
  • There is one last seek and find to do, due Weds May 6.
  • There is an 838 only assignment, due Mon May 4, to discuss Visualization in your field. Hopefully, this will lead to some interesting discussion.
  • There is a last “Reading/Discussion” assignment on animation and presentations, due Monday May 4, which again may lead to a lot of discussion. This is “reading” in quotes because it’s more of a watching (videos) than a reading.
  • There is the last regular reading (about D3) it’s due by May 1st.
  • There is the seek and find on 3D due April 29.
  • And, of course, there is the Design Challenge, with phases due on April 29th and May 6th. Actually, given the long list of thing above, let’s make that May 8th. I wanted it to be due before the last day of class so we could look at the results in class, but…

That’s quite a flurry at the end. But, there’s no exam, or summary activity.

Also: we will be doing grading early during exam week. The good news is, we’ll get grades back to you early in the week. The bad news is, we’ll need to have all the information to make grades. This will limit our ability to take late assignments. There’s some university policy about things not being due during exam week, which means that officially, everything is due by May 8th.

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