The week in 559: Week 13, November 24-26

by Mike Gleicher on November 21, 2014

This is a short week since it’s Thanksgiving. Amazingly, there are just 5 lectures left. 3 weeks from now, we’ll be done – think about that if you’re waiting to start Project 2.

In lecture, we’ll start to learn about image processing. There are readings on image processing, which will be important (there are some hard concepts, so seeing it multiple ways will be important). But, you can read Readings 12 on image processing after Tuesday’s lecture.

You should be making progress on Project 2. For the assignment this week, we just want a brief status report on how you’re doing. Mainly to make you think about it. The assignment is “10a” but I am not going to assign 10b – it will be given out next week as part of assignment 11.

We will probably have some help sessions to talk about project 2.

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