The week in 559: Week 11 November 10-14

by Mike Gleicher on November 7, 2014

Last week in class week in class, we had a project due. There was also class lectures on subdivision and surfaces. If you didn’t look at the reading for last week, you probably want to.

For next week, there is an Assignment due on Shaders. We didn’t say too much about how to actually write the shaders in class, but there are lots of good resources – once you understand the basics of what is going on, which we did discuss in class. Adam, or any of the guest lecturers in class, can probably answer questions on shaders better than I. Remember, even if you are falling behind on project deadlines, you still should keep up on assignments.

In class next week, we’ll learn about Color. The guest lecturer is Danielle Albers Szafir. There are readings. You should read them.

Project 2 is coming soon. In fact, the posting has appeared. For the following week (Wednesday, November 19) , you will have to have started. So, you might want to look at the project now, and start to think about what you want to do and who you might want to do it with. (We are allowing students to work in pairs).

I will be out of the country for the week at a Data Visualization conference.

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