Project 2 announcements

by Mike Gleicher on November 4, 2014

In the next few days, a bunch of postings about project 2 may start to appear on the web site. It’s a chicken and egg thing: I cannot write the “main part” unless there are the detail pages to refer to, and you cannot understand the details until you see the main part. So just ignore all the project 2 details until the main part is announced. You have enough other stuff to do, so I’d imagine this won’t be hard.

But to give you a sense of the timetable for class:

  • Wednesday, November 5 – Project 1 is due. There is a no-cost extention (or grace period) for a few days if you qualify. Remember, there is a “help blackout” during the extension – if you need help, ask before then.
  • Wednesday, November 12 – Assignment 8 is due. Note: you want to do this to make sure you understand shaders. Remember, the extension for project 1 requires you to keep up on assignments.
  • Thursday, November 13 – Project 2 begins. Hopefully, you learned from this project that we are serious about not waiting until the last minute.
  • Wednesday, November 19 – The first project 2 checkpoint will be due. You won’t have to do much, but we will make sure you have at least started.

Sometime during that time period, we’ll get exams back to you. (We’re focused on helping people with Project 1 right now – but we have an answer key and have graded roughly a quarter of the exams.

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