The Week in 559: Week 01 September 2-September 5

by Mike Gleicher on August 30, 2014

Welcome to CS559 for the fall of 2014!

Each week, I will make a posting to the web site about what will happen in class during the week. It’ll have a link to the readings, tell you what assignments are due, and tell you what to expect in the lectures. You can find all that information around the website, but the “Week in 559” will get it to you in one place.

For the first week in class…

This week we’ll get started by spending some time talking about class policies, organization, and give an overview of the topics that we’ll cover over the semester. Then we’ll start by considering the question “where do we draw” when we make a picture: we’ll consider what a coordinate system is, and start to get to the linear algebra we’ll use to manipulate coordinate systems. We’ll also talk about some practical aspects of vector graphics that you’ll need for the assignment due next week.

There are no assignments due this week (since it’s the first week of class) – but be ready, there will be an assignment due every Wednesday for the rest of the semester!

The readings for this week are listed in the Week 1 Readings posting. There are some tutorials and a (short) book chapter.

Next week, we’ll continue to think about coordinate systems and linear algebra and consider transformation in 2D. There will be two “getting started” assignments due on Wednesday, September 10th.

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