The waiting list situation

by Mike Gleicher on August 27, 2014

Since I expect many people will ask…

In the past, there has never been a problem with people getting into 559. We’ve always had enough space.

This year, it seems a lot more people want to take the class (as of today, 71 enrolled, 24 waiting).

I would like to just allow everyone who is interested to take the class. But, unfortunately, we run into a resource limitation problem. We have moved the class to a room with lots of seats (so that’s not a limitation anymore), but there is only one TA, etc.

Usually, a lot of students will drop the class in the first few weeks. I expect that after the first day or two, we’ll see that there really aren’t 95 people, and will be able to allow everyone who wants to take the class to take the class.

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